Dj Blaze (Ceo/Founder) Ciroc Boyz/Ciroc Brother

Dj Gassed (Co-Ceo) Ciroc Boyz/Ciroc Brother

Lil Jerk (President) Ciroc Boyz

MuMu (Ceo Of Ciroc Gurlz) Ciroc Gurl

TeeTee (First Lady) Ciroc Gurlz

Mekia (First Lady) Ciroc Gurlz

Kenya (First Lady) Ciroc Gurlz

Dj Drama (Member/Dj) Ciroc Boyz/Ciroc Brotherz

Dj Submission (Member/Dj) Ciroc Boyz

Dj Hco (Member/Dj) Ciroc Boyz

Dj L.M / Mya (Member/Dj) Ciroc Gurlz/Ciroc Sisterz

Kyle (Member) Ciroc Boyz

Ryan (Member) Ciroc Boyz

Jason (Member) Ciroc Boyz

Marah (Member) Ciroc Boyz

Neesha (Member) Ciroc Gurlz

DeAndre (Member) Ciroc Boyz

Ray TooCool (Member) Ciroc Boyz

Zeus (Member) Ciroc Boyz

Daddii Santiago (Member) Ciroc Boyz

Butteerflii CirocGirl Sincerre (Member) Ciroc Gurlz

Sirree Brandon (Member) Ciroc Boyz

Liyah (Member) Ciroc Gurlz

Ni-Ni (Member) Ciroc Gurlz

Spazz (Member) Ciroc Boyz

Bree (Member) Ciroc Gurlz

Mirah (Member) Ciroc Gurlz

William (Member) Ciroc Boyz

James (Member) Ciroc Boy

Uniique (Member) Ciroc Gurlz

DeeDee (Member) Ciroc Gurlz

Hana (Member) Ciroc Gurlz

Prettie Misstie (Member) Ciroc Gurlz

India (Member) Ciroc Gurlz

Tiffany (Member) Ciroc Gurlz



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